Four strong reasons why Knowyn is needed

Knowyn is a complement to your journal system. It was created with the desire to give you a better opportunity to make fact-based decisions about your business and an opportunity to monitor how your business is performing on a daily basis. We are compatible with OPUS, Muntra and ALMA.

Knowyn enables you to follow both financial and odontological key figures every day without being connected to the record system both at group and treatment level. You can follow debits, individual action codes, visits and thus increase your quality assurance in a completely unique way.

Knowyn is the bridge for you to be able to follow your business regardless of how many geographical locations you are established in, knowyn gives you an overview of the whole. You can follow a common thread from group to individual processor. We read in data completely anonymized and according to standard rules for GDPR. This is done with a unique software that reads data from your journal system and presents it in an easy-to-understand and logical way.

In addition to relevant key figures, there are built-in tools for follow-up at the patient level to be able to provide them with care before high-cost protection expires or to know who has received cost proposals that have not been followed up.

"Knowyn gav en fantastisk ökning av omsättningen och en kontroll över prissättningen vi aldrig tidigare varit i närheten av.”

Håkan S - Tandläkarna på hörnet

To understand the full power of the tool, we recommend personal demo. After that, it's hard to be without.